With the WCO Academy’s e-learning modules as the basic technical foundation, we have set up our AC Trade Academy to complement the WCO Academy and further enhance the learning journey for trade and customs professionals responsible for Asia. AC Trade Academy carefully selects seasoned international trade and customs practitioners in Asia as our trainers. Through the curation process, our trainers distil their collective rich industry practitioner and consulting know-hows into quality training courses that aim to elevate the international trade and customs profession. For all our courses, they are guided by the following three core attributes:

Asia Perspectives

Provide insights from Asia to the international trade community managing Asia – a region where the trade and customs regulations are dynamic with often differing industry practices on the ground.


Make business sense of the technical knowledge and regulatory developments and practically apply in typical business contexts and settings.


Develop the know-hows within professionals and organisations to make informed and quality decisions in-house about their international trade and customs matters.

To facilitate the learning process, our training courses are delivered via online and face-to-face classroom settings. Upon completion of the courses, there will be certificates of completion issued. For certain courses, there will be proficiency tests conducted at the end of the courses. Successful candidates will be subsequently issued Certificates of Proficiency.

If your organisation has a specific training agenda and wishes for our trainers to conduct bespoke training courses just for your team, we do customise according to the organisation’s needs to enhance the learning experiences. You may contact us for further discussions for such bespoke training courses.  

We wish you an enriching learning journey with us at AC Trade Academy!