In today’s knowledge economy and complex international trade environment, it is critical that all stakeholders and practitioners in the international trade ecosystem are adequately empowered in the context of their respective roles to make practical business sense of the technical intricacies involved. It is only through such empowerment that international trade stakeholders can make informed decisions about their respective trade strategies and operations in a sustainable manner.

With the above in mind, we provide a unique learning journey in the dynamic world of international trade and customs through the World Customs Organisation (WCO) Academy complemented with our AC Trade Academy.

By embarking on your learning journey with us, you can expect to gain:

Technical Knowledge

Understand and master the technical intricacies of the international trade and customs regulations at both World Customs Organisation and World Trade Organisation level as well as the Asia perspectives.

Practical Application

Competent in practically applying the technical knowledge within your unique business settings and touchpoints between trade and other subject domains like tax, legal and supply chain etc.

Ability to Make Informed & Quality Management Decisions

Make informed decisions about your international trade strategies and operations for sustainable efficiencies and compliance, particularly in Asia.

Industry Certification & Recognition

Be recognised with certificates upon completion of the courses and elevate your position as a professional trade and customs expert in the organisation.

Industry Networking

Expand your professional network of fellow like-minded and accomplished trade practitioners in Asia for support.

We wish you in advance a fruitful learning journey as we strive to uplift the international trade and customs profession!