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Customs Valuation 1

This course covers valuation concepts & transaction value.

Transfer Pricing

Co-developed with the OECD, this course introduces transfer pricing (TP), its guidelines, TP methods and a comparison between TP and customs valuation.  

Rules Of Origin

This course introduces both preferential and non-preferential rules of origin, transport rules and origin certification.

HS – Chemicals

This course covers mineral products, organic & inorganic chemicals, plastics & rubber & related articles.

HS – Industry & Construction

This course covers wide range of industrial & manufactured goods such as metals, machinery, mechanical appliances, electric machinery & equipment, precision instruments etc.

HS – Textiles

This course covers wide range of textiles & related articles.

HS – Agriculture & Agrifood

This course covers animal & vegetable products, edible preparations, beverages, spirits, tobacco, wood & related products, paper products.

HS – Jewelry & Art

This course covers pearls, precious & semi-precious stones, precious metals & related products, works of art, collectors’ pieces & antiques.​

Temporary Admission – The Istanbul Convention

This course covers general principles of the Convention, goods allowed under temporary admission, use of the ATA Carnets & CPD Carnets.